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I’m going to be 100% open and up front with all of my readers and let them know that there is monetized content on my page due to Shareaholic Ads, which I may get commission from if you click on them and/or purchase from the ad. I write because I love to write, but getting paid to do something I love is a great perk, IMHO.

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(4) Permissions Policy

What you can do:

  • Printing – print posts/content off my site for non-commercial use (up to 10 copies only, please). You can do this as long as you include the following copyright notice: “© The Word Lounge All rights reserved. Originally published at” If you would like to use my posts or any content found on my website for commercial use, please contact me directly through the contact page.
  • Re-posting – you can re-post a blog post as long as it is a summary of the blog post with a link back to the original post on The Word Lounge.
  • Linking – you can link to the The Word Lounge website or any of my public posts. I always appreciate that!

What you cannot do:

  • Re-post my content without linking back to the original post or providing credit to the “The Word Lounge” website. Especially not word for word.
  • Alter, sell, or change any of the content from this website without first receiving written permission.


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